Call Topaz today. This is the best reader I have found thus far. All of her predictions have come to pass to include timeframes. She is very caring and so accurate its a bit scary. Topaz is not like most readers that dont care and just want your money. So many readers tell you what you want to hear to get you to call back when something doesnt pan out. Topaz tells you how it is up front and believe it or not she is ACCURATE. Once you call this lady you will not call anyone else. You will always come back for help on anything that comes up in your life. She resolves issues and all predictions come to pass. If  you want someone who is real and cares about what she does, call this reader. Stop wasting time and money on garbage readers that play on your emotions to get you to keep calling. I learned that the hard way so take it from someone who has been there done that. This woman is the REAL DEAL for a reading.

-- Lauren A.

This feedback is an update to confirm validation regarding my last reading with Topaz. She told me I would have communication with C on a 2. ( 2 minutes , 20 minutes , 2 hours ) She also stated communication would increase. I finished talking to Topaz at 5:30pm and I received a text 20 minutes later. Communication has improved as she stated. She is so accurate with timeframes and predicting events that at first I doubted her. The first time I called Topaz I was left speechless with her accuracy. She also stated I would hear from C on a 3 to start with and right at 3 months from the last time we spoke he reached out. I love this woman. She is very caring and kind. Call her if you want results. 

-- Gina D.

I love this reader. I am writing this feedback because if anyone wants to change this is the woman to call. I fought and fought and fought. Then realized she was right and I needed to change myself so things in my life would stop failing. She will tell you the honest truth. Her information is accurate to include timing. While no one is perfect she is the closest to the real deal I have ever found. I know the people that are meant to find Topaz will. If you find her, call her. There is a reason. She saved my life ten times over and holds a very special place in my heart. Having said that nothing can ever replace what she has done for me in life.

-- Danny D.

First time caller. This woman blew my mind. She knew more about me than I did. I highly recommend anyone reading this feedback to call Topaz. She is the real deal. She does not feed you BS. This lady told me things without me saying one word. This feedback is being left not only because of all she knew about me but because all of her predictions came to pass. She is the most kind, caring, compassionate person I have ever met. And to top it off she hit the nail on the head in every area of my life. So with kindness and accuracy what more can one ask for.

-- Danny D.

When someone knows you better than you do its kinda scary. When someone can read people like a book is astounding. This woman is a must call. She forced me to look in the mirror and realize why I wasnt happy. Eventhough I said I was, she knew I was not. Most people tell you what you want to hear so you will keep calling back. Its a gamble to tell someone the truth out of fear that you will never talk to them again. However, in life the truth at times does hurt. But, those who tell the truth earn respect. Therefore, this reader is my reader plus more for life. She is accurate and dead on with all that she says and does.

-- Danny D.

I finally found this reader. She is a must call. I cannot put into words how much she has helped me with my investments. Everything she stated came to pass. Timing is dead on. Results have been incredible. She has helped me with my business and I have increased reveneue by over forty percent. This woman is a must call. If you want a reader for life call Topaz. I promise you will never call another reader again. You wont need too. And if you leave her trust me you will come back once you learn she was the real deal.

-- Ross A.

This reader is on target. Dead on with all her predictions. Timing included. She is a must call and you will not be disappointed. She is not like most and actually cares about her clients. For results give this reader a call today. I promise you will never want to consult anyone else. She told me I would get a new job and I did. She also told me about my family and how to handle certain things. I followed her guidance and now things have turned around in full. If you just follow her guidance the results will come in the end.

-- Sandy M.

 I dont ever post feedback until predictions come to pass with a reading. This feedback is being left to commend Topaz on an amazing reading. Everything she said came true and all happened within the timeframes she stated. This lady is a must call for the truth and results. Call Topaz today and you will be blown away. She is very straight up and tells you what she sees. She does not read card names and drag the time like many readers do. No one cares about the names of cards. We just want the info. So, call this reader today. I will be a client for life.

-- Kim S.

A must call. This reader is dead on. I was reading with one reader for years and never got anywhere in the end. The reader told me things about myself that I never asked about just to get me sucked in. Then when it came to the outcomes of any and all situations I asked about there was failure not only emotionally but financially. Thankfully I found Topaz and she was able to get to the bottom line and explain why things never played out. If you want the truth to include accuracy with predications coming to pass CALL Topaz. She is not like any other reader who sucks you in to fail in the end.

-- Kate D.

Fantastic reader. A must call. This lady is the best reader I have come across so far. There are so many readers that feed you so much BS that is nice to finally find one who is dead on with all her predictions. Everything she told me came to pass. I waited to leave feedback until the predictions actually happened. As with anything, there is no validity to a reading until it comes to pass. Call Topaz and you will not be disappointed. You will also never call another reader because you wont need to. She is my reader now for life.

-- Scott M.

Call Topaz for the truth. She is not like any other reader I have contacted. This readers predictions come to pass. What she tells you will happen. Her timeframes are accurate and her information is dead on. She gives a reading not conversation. She does not bate you for information. This is the real deal and this reader is one of a kind. If you notice when you take the advice of other readers in the end you fail. This reader is a must call for the truth to include results. Well worth every penny.

-- Glenn A.

Feedback is in order for this reader. I called about three months ago and asked about the man of my dreams. Topaz told me in full detail what was going on, what was going to happen, why things happened the way they did, and what I needed to do upon his return. I followed her advice and today I am in a totally different place with my man. Had Iistened to the advice of other readers I would have failed. Thankfully, I took to heard what Topaz told me and followed what she advised me to do. It was not easy but my outcome was accomplished. Please call this reader today to get the answers and results you need.

-- Laura S.

I only leave feedback once things come to pass. I called Topaz and asked about my mother moving. Her prediction was accurate in that she did not move. I also asked about a new job and she stated I would not get anything until the month of November. I was offered a new job last week. In terms of romance, I asked about a man from my past and she gave me every detail about this man without me saying one word. She can tell you any and everything you need to know about a specific person in question. If you want accuracy and predictions coming to pass, Call Topaz. You wont be disappointed.

-- Karen V.

This reader is not only accurate to the tee but she is also very caring and compassionate. If you are looking for the truth with results please contact Topaz. She is one of a kind and not full of BS like most other readers that destroy this industry. Her predictions come to pass and her timing is dead on. CALL TOPAZ and you wont call anyone else as she will be your one stop shop!

-- Katie

I have been calling readers for years. To current no one has been able to explain my situation. I keep hearing free will is the delay. I found Topaz and she told me why things are the way they are to include what I need to do to get my life back on track. Every other reader feeds me BS and states free will is the reason nothing has happened when there predictions dont come to pass. A reading is either right or wrong and this woman is dead on. Call her now for results. Many readers are full of BS and tell you what you want to hear so you will call back. Topaz tells you how it is and thats what we all need to know.

-- Tom S.

OUTSTANDING READER. Give her a call today. I just had a prediction come to pass so I wanted to leave this feedback stating to any and everyone that reads this site call TOPAZ! Her gift is so amazing and anyone who is lucky enough to find her will be more than satifisfied with her service, accuracy, and style. I will never call another reader again now that I have found this lady. She stated my man would be back and she was dead on. She also told me the timeframe in that he would return and that was dead on. Now I know why I dont have my life in order with this man. It was because I did not understand him and did everything all wrong. Topaz has explained all this to me and now she has a client for life.

-- Carissa

I finally found this woman and I am amazed. She is the real deal. I have been reading with one reader for many years and nothing she told me came true in the end. I had some day to day results but no outcome. This reader is FANTASTIC. She is not out to tell you what you want to hear to get more money. She tells you how it is and you can take it or leave it. Her detail about people is just incredible. Call this reader. She is real and not out to hurt you financially. I learned the hard way with my previous reader and was taken a fool. Call Topaz now and you will NEVER CALL ANYONE ELSE!

-- Karen W.

I have been calling readers for years. It seems as if many tell us all what we want to hear. They dont see the root of the issue and tell us why things are not working. The information given sets us all back and things never get resolved. Topaz gets to the root of the issue. She will expain why things arent working and why history keeps repeating itselt. She will also see if its meant to be or not. She works hard and fast. She does not waste your money. Everything she has told me has come true. Please call her and stop wasting your money on BS readers who in the end dont care and just want your money.

-- Karen R.

This reader is the real deal. Her gift is sight so what she sees is so ACCURATE. She has been reading for me for quite some time on all areas of my life. To current, EVERYTHING she has predicted has come to pass. Call this woman TODAY. If you want the truth she will tell you how it is. She does read the outcome and will explain why you have not reached the end result yet. Most readers read day to day and there is no resolution on day to day readings. I have wasted so much time and money on readers that dont know what in the hell they are talking about not to mention only care about your money. Topaz is caring and will help you.  Its apparent she cares, unlike most, who dont! Funny how once your money stops the reader stops. SMH.

-- Louise

Fantastic! This reader will give you want you need to know! She will not tell you what you want to hear. Call her today. Your money will be well spent. Stop wasting money on readers that have given you no viable results. 

-- Thomas

Finding Topaz was a blessing to me.  I have been reading with her for years about many things and EVERYTHING she has told me has happened. From finances to jobs to romance etc. This reader is real and not full of BS like most. She makes the industry prevail and gives us all hope after being financially ruined by garbage readers who don't care and more to the point have no clue what they are saying. Please call Topaz  today if you are looking for validation on any issue you have pending.  

-- Julia

Call this woman. You will get results and be satisfied. Her detail is to die for and she really knows her stuff. If you want answers to your questions that are accurate, CALL TOPAZ. She will tell you how it is no matter what. Everything she has told me has come true.

-- Martha

Topaz has been helping me get my relationship back. She has explained to me in detail why things have not played out. She has told me who the person is and how I need to adjust to get this back to the way it was when I first met my woman. To current, everything she has said has come to pass. If a reader does not understand people and cannot see who they truly are nothing will come to pass. CALL TODAY to get your life back on track and get the results you have been waiting for. You will not be disappointed. Strive for the end result., not a day to day superficial high.

-- Mike

This woman is astounding. Once you find this reader you will get results and never call anyone else. Most readers give you day to day information. I have found in order to get a true reading one needs to read the outcome. Topaz reads the outcome and does not get caught up in the day to day stuff that makes us all go crazy. Please give her a call if you are looking for results. She wont feed you a bunch of BS to get you to call back. You will want to call back because what she says comes to pass.

-- Erica

I have been reading with Topaz for many years. EVERYTHING she has told me has come to pass. Her readings are outstanding because she reads the outcome of each and every situation. She does not read day to day. I have learned many readers tell you what you want to hear verses what you NEED to know just to keep you calling back. Topaz does not do this. She is FAST,  HONEST, ACCURATE, and TRULY CARES about her clients. PLEASE CALL HER. You wont be disappointed!

-- Claudia

Topaz continues to be a source of calmness and accuracy for me in dealings with my relationship issues .. Please do not hesitate to call this reader she pinpoints your scenario and gives you great advice that is easy to follow to get you through it .. Contact dates are very accurate as well!! 

-- San

I had my first reading with Topaz and it was brilliant! Topaz gave a no nonsense reading filled with truth and accuracy. The examples Topaz gave were events that actually happened! I was stunned! She told me what I needed to do to move forward and gain the results I am looking for in career and romance and I will follow her advice to the T. I felt a connection to her and knew she was seeing actual events because of the validation a she provided. After this reading I felt relaxed and informed of the possibilities of what is to come providing I do my part to manifest the outcome. This reading was the best reading I have ever had and I will be a lifelong client. Thank you Topaz! I will update you as predictions manifest! Call this wonderful Lady, save your money reading with readers that can not see the detail and offer solid advice to get you where you need to be on your life path. 

-- Tamara

I have been consulting Topaz daily for the last two months. I am so fortunate to have discovered her as she is the only person who has been accurate with timing. I have spent the last 3 years waiting to reunite with the love of my life - and have spoken with dozens of psychics - who provided very inconsistent and inaccurate time frames. It has been devastating. Then I found Topaz. She has guided me through some very difficult times with very accurate timing. When she says it is going to happen, it does. She also focuses on outcomes - not day to day episodes that can cause so much useless heartache. She has also provided insight and context about my love, enabling me to understand the entire situation far better than I ever have before. I am extremely grateful and have absolutely no hesitation recommending her to anyone who is struggling and in need of her help. She cares deeply and will tell you the truth in a way that is direct and compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Topaz. xoxo.

-- Sasha from Montreal, Quebec

 I have read with counselor topaz for quite some time now. I feel very comfortable talking to her about various subjects but have been mainly calling her about my ex who I am still in contact with. Her dates on timing and explanation to alot of different scenarios that I ive experienced with him has been very accurate. She has calmed alot of my anxiety and answered questions for me clearly and concisely when I needed it most. Her predictions come to pass. Give counselor topaz a call, I highly recommend it !

-- Stefanie

Topaz has been guiding me for the past couple of years. She predicted a while ago that someone from my past would return. Sure enough after a period of time, that person has returned. She has been able to explain to me how the person feels and their intentions. Topaz is very reassuring and offers alot of examples because she wants to make sure you understand the reading. I trust her and the guidance she has given me. If she tells you something will happen, it will definitely happen. Thank you Topaz for all your support and never getting upset with my never ending questions. You are the best and I will never forget the help you have given to me.

-- Rhonda

I Have been speaking to topaz for a year and have been amazed by her accuracy.Many times she has told me stuff that seems unreal,but when things happen that she predicted, I an shocked.I am a Mtg broker,I take her advise and my bussiness has been succesful,so when she sees something it will happen.STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON OTHER READERS THAT WILL FEED YOU BS. CALL TOPAZ AND BE AMAZED

-- Sue from Toronto

I have read with Topaz for more than 2 years. If she says it will happen it will. Not only is she a compassionate and accurate reader she is like talking to an old friend. She is patient and will tell you what she sees and not what she thinks you want to hear. Her ability to read time frames is exceptional. Call her one time and you will not want to call anyone else...a wonderful, talented woman.

-- Jennifer from Atlanta

I have been reading with Topaz for over a year. She has an uncanny ability to pin down timeframes like no other. If she tells you it will happen, you can guarantee that it will happen. She has an exceptional ability to read other people's thoughts and emotions very well. She has directed and supported me with personal and professional situations and I trust her like no other. Give her a call today so that you can get on the right path and move ahead in your life. Stop being stuck in those same old patterns and situations. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. She is the BEST!

-- Rhonda from Chicago

Well,,,,where do I start. This woman is phenomenal. I can't express enough how wonderful Topaz is and how accurate when it comes to timing and events, I have never yet come across a psychic such as Topaz. Topaz has been reading for me now for a year, and the accuracy and events that have come through as predicted are simply mindboggling, right down to quoting what people have actually said to me. There have been times I have doubted her predictions, only to be bowled over when the events do happen. I have literally had chills and cried when something she has told me has come to fruition. Please give this lady a call, she is warm, caring and just a down to earth nice person. Not only is she an accurate psychic but a very caring one as well. Try her, you can\'t go wrong, and she is soo worth the money. Love you Topaz!

-- Sherry from Canada

I have been reading with Topaz for a year and a half. Let's be honest, the number one thing we look for in a psychic is results. What good is telling is what's going to happen if we're waiting and waiting and it never does? She is incredible with time frames and can nail down contact with expert precision...sometimes down to the hour. Each and every one of her predictions has come to pass for me and if it weren't for her, I'd be lost. She is a most trusted advisor and friend. The absolute real deal. Forget about what you know or have heard about psychic advisors. She will blow you away. Test her. I have. She has passed every time.

-- Danielle from New York

Topaz is the best reader I have ever met. She is the best friend you have that just happens to have gifts. Honest, caring and down to Earth are her main characteristics. I recommend her to everyone.

-- Jen from Davenport

Topaz is a magnificent person and reader. She calls it like she sees it, even when it may sound crazy. I have been with her for about a year, and I have to say that I trust her implicitly. I have talked to my fair share of so called "psychics" (many more than I care to admit), and Topaz is the only one that has given me results. She sees things that she has no way of knowing, and I have complete faith in her. If she says something will happen, I trust that it will despite what circumstances may look like. She is an ethical, honest, professional, and most importantly ACCURATE psychic that will leave you feeling awed and at peace. I highly recommend giving her a try. I am the biggest skeptic and yet she has made ma believer. Thank you, Topaz!

-- Kaye from New York

I love Topaz! She has been my advisor for more then a year now. Everything she predicts has happened. She is the most accurate advisor with trimeframes that I spoken to. Love you, Topaz!

-- Jade from San Francisco

What can I say, I was going through a rough period in my life,I spent thousands of dollars on psychics on different sites,then a friend referred me to topaz. I was put off from the word psychic. Then I called Topaz,what she was telling me did not make sense,I said not possible,but boy was I shocked, events she predicted started happenning,UNBELIEVABLE. Now she is my friend and reader for life. Love her laughs and her stern attitude (absolutely not)LOL. luv u Topaz

-- Lisa from Vancouver

Topaz is by far the best reader I have ever come across. She has guided me on many issues in my life. I am thankful to have found her. Anyone who is looking for the truth needs to call Topaz.

-- John

She is a fantastic reader - Amazing with timeframes and events and compassionate and non-judgemental above all else. I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone!! She has helped me through some very difficult times, and I so grateful to her for being direct and honest, never sugar-coating.

-- Carol from Vancouver

This woman is amazing. I have been reading with here for almost two years and she has been right many many times. Love her.....

-- Betty from Virginia

The only negative aspect of this woman is SHE\'S SCARY ACCURATE.Sometimes I have hoped she was wrong,but my mistake.Psychics of her calibre charge high rates,for what she charges it is a bargain.Topaz I am fortunate to know you.You have helped not only me but a lot of people with this exception gift you have with honesty.God bless you and ur family. thanks

-- Ruby from Oakville

Topaz is the best she's 100% accurate. she's a wonderful person someone you could trust she's honset. Got a reading yesterday she said my Man would call today which he did. : ) She's the best

-- Marie from Belmont

Topaz is so accurate that its unreal. There have been many times that I have doubted her and to only find out later that she was right. Lately, I have been going through some emotional stress with a compliacted situtation that I am dealing with and she has been there for me every step of the way. She is accurate and honest. Her predictions do happen just be patient.....what more could anyone ask for??? She has a heart of gold and for all the reasons that I just listed, I will always be her client!!!!!

-- Jojo from New York

Topaz is always honest, supportive and understanding. I have read with her for over a year and she has been very accurate. I will continue to read with her as I know she only wants what is best for me. Thank you for always guiding me down the right path. Give her a call, you won\'t be disappointed!

-- Rhonda from Chicago

Topaz is unbelievably accurate,She gave me outcomes for two difficult,stressful situations.I must admit I did not believe her,but WOW, OUTCOMES HAPPENED EXACTLY HOW SHE PREDICTED. I am shocked to say the least. Trust me when I say this woman is SO ACCURATE,SHE WILL AMAZE YOU. ALL YOU NEED IS TO TRY HER AND YOU WILL BE HOOKED FOR LIFE.NOW TOPAZ I NEED LOTTERY NUMBERS LOL

-- Donna from Toronto

what I find about Topaz is her OUTCOMES ARE 100% ACCURATE.So if the time is off ,trust me her predictions will happen.Topaz has an amazing gift,she uses this gift with honesty,compassion and being non-jugmental.Thanks Topaz.If I could I would marry you.LOL

-- Kevin from Yellowknife

It was sooo nice to talk to you! I knew putting a callback in and being number 10 would not do it the other night, and last night I turned all the lights out to go to bed and boy did I get lucky when the phone rang!! I should have listened to you a couple of months ago or I wouldn't be in the predicament I'm in now. You are always so accurate! Ty so much again for accepting my call! 

-- Juno

Had to leave yet another review for Topaz' outstanding accuracy. Not only does she help me sort through challenging relationship issues, but she is my trusted career/life advisor as well. If it weren't for her, I never would have believed in myself enough to apply for graduate school. She knew I was toying with the idea--without my telling her, of course--and encouraged me to apply. She said she saw it as being almost too easy for me, the whole application and acceptance process. I applied to a top school and to be honest, didn't quite have the grades. But she knew what she saw and stuck to it. I was accepted within a month of applying. She also saw my loans approved, which I seriously doubted because it was so late in the game. Again, she was right. It's so hard to find reputable, reliable and accurate advisors in this business who aren't out for a buck. Topaz is a rare "gem" indeed. I urge you to call and get straight answers to your life's biggest questions.

-- Danielle from New York

Where do I begin? Topaz has been reading for me for a while now. So many things that she has predicted for me have happened. Her timing for contact is always on the mark! She was able to predict a work situation to a tee for me! I only needed to wait for it to play out as she saw it. If you want a true advisor that doesn't sugar coat and gives you the honest to goodness truth, Call Topaz. She is loving and caring and my reader for life! Thank your Topaz for all you do for me. You have helped me to make better decisions and grow as a person. Give her a call today because you won't be disappointed at all! You WILL BE AMAZED!

-- Rhonda

Well, where do I start. First all this woman is not only a very caring and warm loving person, she is also one of the most accurate psychics I have ever come across. Now believe me I have been to many,,,too many, wasted my money on a lot of them, when I found Topaz, a true gem, just like her name. Alot of predictions have come to pass for me in the last year, and timing is awesome with her. We have been literally on a reading and she has given me a time frame of an incomiing text within 20 min or on a 2 which could be 2 min,,,and my phone beeps with the text within that 2 minutes, it's just too funny, but so phenomenal she is! I have had a rough year this past year and Topaz has been there for me every step of the way, at times I think her predictions are so out of line, but low and behold, I catch myself discussing what she told me would happen, (which I argued would not lol), and I realize Topaz said that, wow, I didn't believe her at the time. What I like about her is she will tell the TRUTH, no sugar coating, so you know where you stand, isn't that what we are paying for?? Unlike so many other psychics out there. She is quick, to the point, and very fair about money, I feel she is the real deal, and know that if she seen something bad or you are making a bad choice, she will tell you, in the kindest nicest manner,,,"No ma'am" or "Absolutely Not". She makes me smile and laugh as well, and her laugh,,well just call her, and see for yourself how good she really is and you will love her laugh! May God bless you Topaz, you have been my best friend and confidante as well. Love you!

-- Sherry

I've been reading with Topaz for a year and a half, and I must say that she is incredible! I called her Tues very distraught over a situation that seemed IMPOSSIBLE!I was about to give up & didn't know what else to do. Topaz explained to me that the route I was taking would continue to lead to a DEAD END, then she proceeded to tell me what I should do.I admit I was doubtful, b/c for more than 3 Days I was being told No. Well I did what she said & IT WORKED!Just like she said it would!WOW!! I literally cried when I got a YES! Thank You! Topaz!I will follow-up w/u about my guy next month! God Bless You Topaz! Thanks!

-- Danette

I am so glad I found TOPAZ. She is the best reader I have ever encountered Give her a call if you are looking for the truth no matter what it is!

-- Andrea

I am a long time client of Topaz, and I must say, she is the best out there. Unlike other readers who fish around for information and mostly guess things, Topaz hits the nail every time. She consistently amazes me with her accuracy on current and future events. Anyone looking for an honest, in depth reading should give her a call. You won't regret it.

-- Wes

I've been seeking the advice of Topaz for over two years. While many times I've been very skeptical of her predictions...not once has the outcome been anything but what she predicted. She is very detailed and confident in what she sees and feels. She is very direct, compassionate and caring towards her clients, which is why she has a loyal following. I believe that Topaz has been given a talent...to help others seek answers to very sensitive questions...that they otherwise would not know. I highly recommend Topaz...as she has time and again delivered on her prediction!

-- John

Topaz is my number one reader. I trust her explicitly. She hits every number on the nose for me. I dont ever believe her but it always happens. So, give her a call, she will not let you down. She is the best reader I have ever encountered.

-- Cathy

Topaz has done it again!! Well I called her on a Thursday telling her that I was just about to give up on my guy I was 85% out of the relationship. Topaz saw 80% (LOL) It's always like her to double check. But she knew I was serious. I had a date in my mind that if I didn't hear from him by that I was GONE it would be OVER!! Topaz said He will make it before your cut off date. As she told me this I doubted her b/c my cut off date was 3 days. Topaz said she saw contact within 3 days. Well (2) later I get the contact from my guy! And he said the things that Topaz said he was feeling.I wanted her to be wrong on this one! I really did, but she was right! She told me what to do regards to communicating with him.She has stuck to her same outcome since March 2010! She is not budging one BIT! I use to call a lot of other psychics and waste $$$ with them changing dates, time frames,& outcomes. What I love about Topaz is if it's suppose to happen she's going to tell you. If it's not she will tell you that also!!! Thank You! Of Course I will be calling again. Topaz is for Truth Seekers Only who are fed up with Fairy Tales and lies

-- Danette

Topaz is more than a psychic. She is truly a jewel. She is like a good friend with a unique gift, and one who has known you forever. I've been getting readings for about two years, and am just as amazed now as I ever was. I am going to start a list of all the things that come to pass. What's even better, is that she will pick up on things that you may not even think of to ask. It is usually these things that pop up so effortlessly and so often. She has become my life coach, encouraging me to stay on a positive and fruitful path. It works every time. Her accuracy is unprecedented. I highly recommend her.

-- Marlene

Right AGAIN, girlie! Contact before the end of the month, like you said. He won his tournament, woohoo!!!! I'm so proud of him. I am soooo ready for this but also kinda scared. I know you will be there for me through it all, as you have been this whole time. 

-- Danielle

Well, well....Topaz, you're my best girl and you know that. But I STILL can't figure out how you know EVERYTHING. It's kind of obnoxious, actually lol. No but for real, I am so grateful. Of course, we saw each other yesterday just like you said we would. He really has made such a difference that it's amazing. He is NOT the man he was a year or even 6 months ago, and I'm sure your guidance has yielded these results. You've told me when to yield, when to stop, when to go and when to proceed with caution. It hurt at times, and Lord knows we've spent many a late night hashing and rehashing issues and possibilities, but you have remained firm and faithful with me. You are the face of this network and they are blessed to have you. And so are we. Thanks, Topaz. 

-- Danielle

Rave Reviews..always I just had to put this in feedback. When you call a reader it's always a pleasure for the reader to be nice and calm and empathetic...but the the true test of a Reader is..do the PREDICTIONS HAPPEN??? well I just wanted to tell you that I was speaking with my b/f Tues night and he tells me he is tired of living in the State he is living in and wants to move...(HELLO VALIDATION!!) TOPAZ told me back in August of 2010 that he won't be there long..he will move!!! Okay just had to tell you that Topaz! ((PREDICTIONS HAPPEN...WHEN SHE SAY'S THEY WILL!!!)) 

-- Danette

Thank you so much for all your help! Yes my son did make the cut just like you said he would. He is so happy. Thank you your the best 

-- Bobbie

Topaz is awesome!!!!!!! She has a way of lifting your spirits when you are feeling down. The part that stood out to me about Topaz is that even though she is a VERY popular advisor, and her wait lines are long, she will still make time out for you and send an email. Now that is great customer service!!!!! She also remembers your situation without you having to tell her all over again!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! I am confident that her predictions will come to light. Either way she has a friend for life!!!! Thanks Topaz!!! 

-- Tammie

Hello Topaz you told me that my sister will eventually be ok with me giong back with my boyfriend, she also wanted to go with us to the ball this saturday. Everything you said and predicted is coming out to be true even though sometimes I do not agree and believe you, LOL. Thank you so much for being here and good friend to me. 

-- Jade

I got a raise at work a few months ago and Topaz picked up on that without me even mentioning work. I also got a hangup call on Fri. from the person I always ask her about and I asked her if this person calls and hangs up on me occasionally at work. That's all I asked and she told me to hang on while she checked and she asked if I got one on Friday! This woman freaks me out with her accuracy! I've been on this network for over three years and not one time have I ever been number 18 in anyone's qeue, but a couple of nights ago I have with her and yesterday number 12 and today 11. She is phenomenal!!!! 

-- Juno

LOVE HER!!! No bs! She is always honest and upfront. All of her predictions have come thru! She is so detailed AND WILL TELL YOU THE TRUTH, EVEN IF IT IS NEGATIVE!!! DEFINITELY A KEEPER! 

-- Juno

This woman is the real deal. Her accuracy with time is real. Her results happen. She is not a reader to just sit and talk about your issue. She actually tells you everything without you having to say a word. She does not fish for information to be able to act like she is reading. Most readers in this industry are not accurate and only tell us what we all want to hear so we keep calling back. PLEASE CALL HER TODAY to get results and resolve all your issues.

-- Jessica

Had to come back to the website to leave a feedback update and once again share with everyone Topaz' incredible gifts.  I was considering hypnotherapy to get over my fear of flying but didn't want to shell out the hundreds of dollars it would cost to complete the program.  I consulted Topaz, as I do most things that involve a lot of my time and money, and she knew how much the sessions would cost without my telling her as well as how many sessions I was told it would take to make a difference.  She was honest and said I could try it but she didn't think I really need it.  I asked her to help me get to the root of my fear, as she does with all my problems and we took it all the way back to early childhood.  She uncovered that it was a traumatic event that I myself didn't experience but had heard about and it left an impression on me.  She also said I have a fear of being over water...which was true because I can't swim - she didn't know that.  A few days had passed but I finally remembered an incident when I was 4 or 5 where my dad told me about a plane crash and it left an imprint in my mind.  When I told her about it, she said that I should tell dad about it and that he'd say something to ease my mind.  I haven't yet, but she also told me that I need to fly with my dad to get over this fear because he is such a security blanket for me.  He's never a topic of conversation for us so she would never know this about me.  She bet me that if I asked him to go with me, he'd put his own fears about flying aside and would go.  I did ask him and he said yes, even though he said he's never getting back on a plane again. There was so much more information in that conversation that I can't write about here because it's too personal...but I'll tell you that Topaz is the best reader there is and is the only one who cares enough to check and recheck her reading because she doesn't want to be wrong.  Please call her to see for yourself and have everything you know about psychics challenged before your eyes.

-- Danielle

This feedback is long overdue for Topaz.  I can't say enough once again on this woman's accuracy and caring manner.  She sets aside time to help you when needed most.  This past December, a week before Christmas, my boyfriend (from the US, I am from Canada), up and left with no warning.  Topaz had advised me about this gentleman from the very first day I had met him online on a chat site.  The whole time being very accurate and correct, especially on contact dates, and face to face meetings, phenonmenal!  She was with me for 6 months throughout the "dating" process right up until the day he moved with me to Canada.  (Again accurate on timeframe of coming to Canada).  There were so many times I argued with her and doubted Topaz, having to come back (humbly) I might add and tell her she was right once again, and all I would get was that cute little giggle she has.  Anyway, the day J left, I phoned Topaz, just devastated, thinking it was all over, but so distraught I was.  The whole time Topaz kept saying, Sherry he is still in your area, he is very very close to you.  I guess I should have said that J left a note saying that by the time I read this that he would be long gone (a deception).  I came home shortly after lunch time to find him gone and phoned Topaz, and she kept saying he was nearby.  She described the color of the building and a big chair that he was sitting in.  A month later I found out he was in town as I talked to Topaz at the bus depot, which was the color Topaz had described, and had a big chair that he did sit in, which was maybe 5 blocks down the street from me. J informed me several weeks later that the bus was late and left at 2:30 instead of 2:00, I called Topaz at 1:50 P.M.  Goose bumps or what!  She said she seen him pacing, very upset, not wanting to go, scared, sad, alot of anxiety and emotion.  He told me this a few weeks later as well, and I knew of a person that seen him there that afternoon, and described him just as Topaz said he was, pacing and very nervous looking, and not looking like he wanted to get on that bus. She explained to me that he left because he felt he was not wanted and felt in the way and that he was hurting me, he couldn't stand that he wasn't working, too much pressures, and 3 weeks later got the exact same wording from J.  Before we started to communicate again, Topaz kept telling me it's not over Sherry, he will be back, you will communicate, it will be slow, but it will resume very quickly once started and you will be back up and running just as you were before he moved to Canada.  Was she right????.......DEAD ON!  We started communication very slowly at first on the chat site we had met on, progressing very quickly to chatting and emailing every day several times a day within a week.  We then went to phone very slowly (which Topaz had said), now phoning is every day several times a day, just as it used to be.  The accuracy of this lady and how she reads people is astounding.  I have doubted and had disputes with this woman, but regretting it to this day, because I have to say in my time of need when J left, she was there for me so much over those first few weeks, which were hell I might add.  She keeps saying he is coming back to Canada (again I doubted), so far he is not committing to a date, but he did say "eventually" he will be back just not to pressure him and that we will work at it.  Today was the day he told me that, and Topaz claims within the next 3 days he will tell me he will come back but to give him time, he literally said that today.  She believes he will be back in the next 3 month time frame, Feb March April.  We shall see, but so far she has been spot on about this gentleman.  If you want the truth and a good reading, please give Topaz a call as she is worth every dime and penny spent, trust me.  I have known Topaz, now for almost 2 years, and can honestly say I have never had a more accurate reading and more predictions come through than I ever have with any other psychic!  I have had many many readings over my lifetime believe me!  I will definately be back to post her outcome when it comes to fruition.  She is not God and sometimes we expect psychics to get everything right, but she comes very very close to excellency!  One thing I did forget that I just have to add.  When J was here with me, I had readings with Topaz about some of his issues.  Her and I were sitting on the phone talking and J was sitting across from me.  J had been in the military many years ago, and Topaz and I were discussing that.  Topaz says the only reason he went into the military was to escape some problems and he really didn't know what direction in life that he wanted to take at the time.  She said just out of curiosity, Sherry, since he is there can you ask him why he joined the military.  So I asked J why he had, he almost said WORD FOR WORD WHAT TOPAZ HAD!  I remember getting goose bumps and I just started to laugh as they both said almost the identical words, he said he didn't know what career he really wanted to go into at the time, and he wanted to get away from drugs and alcohol.  PHENONMENAL!I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you Topaz, for being such a wonderful friend, and great reader for me, with such consistent accuracy.  You are worth all the money I have spent and then some!  I thank you and I am sorry for any past hurts!  Try her out, you won't be sorry, trust me!!!  Love you Topaz!  May God Bless You!

-- Sherry

 Topaz I want to say thank you AGAIN!! My issue finally got resolved w/grad school. I called you last month in March and you told me what I needed to do to have thiis issue resolved. You were absolutely right, the professor NEVER emailed me back, you said that either he wouldn't respond or I wouldn't like his response. I did in fact go to the Dean of my Department and the ISSUE was resolved on yesterday 4/26/12. It took a little longer due to Easter & Spring Break, however I was victorious just as you said I would be by following your advice. Over 2 years of speaking to her and she still amazes me. Thank You!

-- Danette

This reader is fantastic. She is the best ever. Please call her if you want to be guided in the right direction. Dont waste you time on gargabe! This woman is fantastic with outcomes. She is terrific with timeframes and she can read people like a book.

-- Lara

Topaz is the best ever. Accurate. Amazing. Kind. Caring. Most readers feed you BS to get you to call back. Topaz does not do this. She is the best reader I have ever found. CALL HER! You will not be disappointed.

-- Kim

I finally found a reader that knows what she is talking about. So many feed you nonsense. This woman has turned my life around and really knows how to read. You dont need to say anything to her. She tells you everything up front. Please call her today. You will never call another reader again.

-- Annie

Best reader one can have. If you want results call TOPAZ. Timing is astounding. Results unbelievable. Accuracy scary. Once you call this lady you will NEVER call another psychic again. Topaz will be your last stop as she is the real deal. She actually reads without you saying a word. She does not probe you for information. She is not reading names of cards as many readers do. We don't care about card names - we care about answers that validate. TOPAZ IS THE READER FOR accuracy and no BS! 

-- Kayla

This reader is amazing. Call her and you will not be disappointed. Her predications come to pass. I asked her about a job and I got it. I asked her about my man and he came back. She tells you how it is with no BS. This lady is the real deal and her timing is astounding.

-- Janet

Finally I found a reader who is the real deal. She said I would get a job in 2 weeks and I did. She stated I would move in 3 months and I did. She also told me I would meet a very nice woman and guess what I did. If you want the truth and results CALL TOPAZ TODAY!

-- Cole

All predictions came to pass. I lost my job and was told by Topaz I would have another job in one month. It happened. My boyfriend left me an for I was told he would return on a 2. Two months later he returned. If you want an honest accurate reading where predictions come to pass call Topaz today. You won't be disappointed. 

-- Lynette D.

I have been reading with Topaz for several years now. I call her for different issues as all predictions have come true. She is the best reader I have encountered thus far. She does not tell you lines of garbage. My father was very sick and we didn't even know it. Had I not called Topaz things would have been worse. Her guidance is real and sincere not to mention accurate. If she says it's going to happen trust that it will. It may take a bit but it will happen. I highly recommend calling this reader. 

-- Carrie A.